Finally, after many years of demanding and seeking to rehabilitate and whitewash the main road from Bezpein to Mchicha and Almtien up to Bologna Square. The efforts of Mayor Zuhair Bou Nader at the Ministry of Works and during the tenure of Minister Venianos have been fruitful thanks to the implementation of this long-awaited project.

In fact, the rehabilitation of the road to its disappearance has begun since 20 April. The municipality of Matin and Miskha was waiting for the beginning of the work. When the mayor was informed in mid-April that the launching of the works was very close, the president called for the convening of the municipal council on 19/4/2018 to discuss several things, the most important of which was the construction of a sewage network on the public road To a sheikh before the road is covered by the ministry.

In this session, the mayor presented to the municipal council the available options. After the lesson and discussion, it was agreed not to wait for the implementation of the general sewerage by the ministry and speeding up its implementation by the municipality because the situation can not be delayed because of the excess sewage. Digging the road after its liquidation so it is decided to assign the work committee to establish this line as soon as possible.

The sewerage system is composed of a main line on the main road from the solid to the first of the town. It will be built around 1450 meters and an additional 4 subways will be installed. The length of the network will be 2200 meters.